Sun Day Fiberglass Pool


Let’s make your dream pool a reality with this amazing, all-inclusive pool deal on the Sun Day model fiberglass pool.

Unlike gunite or vinyl liner pools, FIBERGLASS is fast becoming the most popular in-ground pool option available to homeowners in the Atlanta, GA area and here is why:

1. Our Fiberglass pools are less expensive than either option

2. Our Fiberglass pools get installed in weeks not months.

3. Our Fiberglass pools have the LOWEST cost of ownership when compared to concrete and vinyl liner pools.

4. FIBERGLASS POOLS LAST A LIFETIME with almost no maintenance to the pool shell.


About Our Sun DayFiberglass Pool Model: The Sun Day is the fastest and least expensive way to install a new inground swimming pool.  Check out the value and options that are included in this ALL-INCLUSIVE pool package.

The landing pad creates a nice play area for toddlers with parents keeping a close eye on them. The side-entry stairs make it easy on the knees to enter and exit the pool. A four-foot six-inch person will find that the water on the first step will come up just below the shoulders.

Large Swim Area -The kids have plenty of room to play while the adults hang out on the benches. Or maybe you’d like to get the whole family racing laps. Swimming is one of the best ways you can stay fit.

Deep End Swim-out’s – Need a place to take a break in the deep end while keeping your head above the waterline? The courtesy ledge will help you do just that. It also gives those learning to swim an additional area for some added help. A four-foot five-inch person will be able to keep their head well above the water in the deep end on the courtesy ledge.

Auto-Pool Cover Ready – Automatic pool safety covers are a fabulous choice for fiberglass inground pool owners. They help ensure that no one can enter the pool without your knowledge, and they lower your pool maintenance costs.

Non-Skid Surface – All Thursday Pools fiberglass pool designs feature our exclusive gel coat finish. It’s non-skid, so you can be assured that swimmers of all ages can safely get in and out of the pool. It’s also impervious to algae, which means easier maintenance and fewer chemicals. And it’s easy on swimmers’ bare feet, pets’ paws, and swimsuits.

Complete Equipment Package – Every pool package we sell is COMPLETE.  We this package price includes a VS pool pump to save energy, a brand new filter and all of the equipment required to run your pool with low maintenance.

Complete Installation – One price and you get it all.  Access, excavation, fencing, dirt removal, permits, concrete and even a concrete decking package.  It’s literally turn-key.



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