What Types of Pools Are Available in Georgia?

Which type of inground pool is right for you?
There are three types to choose from in Georgia, so it’s important that we talk about them all before making a final decision. The first option available will be concrete pools which were mostly prevalent years ago when vinyl was more common but have seen an increase recently due largely because they’re easy on the pocketbook -literally! Second there’s fiberglass – often thought by many people who live heretofore unfamiliar with this material might just look like plexiglass at first glance; however beneath its surface lies strong reinforced nylon strands designed specifically to withstand the needs of a pool

Types available:

  • Concrete
  • Vinyl
  • Fiberglass



With so many customization options and additional features, concrete pools can cost anywhere from $75k-$200K (that’s an average). However you will need to take into account the intricacies of your design – retaining walls for example could add onto this price tag . There are no limitations with what shape or design is possible when it comes down choosing between a few different types such as ornamental straight lines vs curvy patterns on top; just remember not all budgets may allow these extra luxuries.



The vinyl liner pools are the least expensive type of pool to install. They can be built on-site in your yard, which reduces shipping costs and makes them more accessible for people who live far away from any body of water – just ask any Chicago resident! The average cost range with installing this type could come anywhere between $30k-$120K however additional expenses may arise if you need new liners every 5 or 9 years like I did when my old ones finally gave out after 8 long years without maintenance (AGAIN)! More money goes into maintaining these things so make sure it’s worth what benefits there might’ve seemed at first glance before committing yourself fully…



Fiberglass pools are affordable, durable and maintenance-free. But what about the price? Fiberglas prices can range anywhere from $40K to 200k for installation in your backyard! Of course this is dependent on which features you want – like a lanai or water feature set up but even then there’s no need when compared with other options out there such as acrylics that won’t last nearly so long if properly cared for (but come at lower costs).

Other Factors?

Concrete pools are a great option for those who want their own private oasis. They require more chemicals than other pool types since gunite is harder to penetrate, but they also need regular brushing (I know! Sounds like we’re talking pets rather then swimming holes—but not that kind of petting). These deep water areas can be susceptible in terms to algae growth due its porous surface and break down material over time; however with resurfacing your service every 10-15 years you’ll prevent any major issues from arising . Acid washing may also become necessary if pH levels change too drastically while undergoing maintenance on these classic structures. Not only will you spend more on concrete pools as a whole, but the maintenance cost of having one is also much higher than other types. You can expect an average total investment around $27400 over the total life of a pool.

Vinyl pool owners who maintain their pools will have to replace the vinyl liners about every ten years. This is a costly step in maintaining your pool, and can cost up $5k or more if you do not take care of it properly from day one! higher chemical use may also be necessary depending on what type material has been used for installation which would increase expenses by another thousand dollars per year with no guarantee that any issues won’t arise after replacing just one layer due too wear-and tear over time

Fiberglass pools are the lowest maintenance type of pool, but don’t let that simplicity make you think there is no work needed. Chemicals and electric expenses are still necessary and Fiber glass pool owners should budget $3,750 over 10 years for chemicals. It should not require any resurfacing or refinishing for several decades.

It’s important to understand the permitting process for building a pool in your area. Permits vary depending on location and certain regulations, but there is always an initial step known as “permission” that must be obtained before work can begin–this could include things like getting approval from local authorities or easement holders regarding where you’ll place equipment near homes located next door- so make sure not only do they have consent beforehand; also check if any other permits are required!



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