When something isn’t operating quite right in your pool, one of our technicians can inspect the system and diagnose what needs to be fixed. We offer repairs for existing parts or new equipment that will ensure you’re back up running smoothly with minimal hassle!

Needs Repairs?

Some of our favorite things to do are fix pools and swim in them! We specialize in all types of repairs. If you need a new component installed or repaired so that your swimming pool is back up-and running like new again then call us today.

We Repair it all

We repair pool equipment including but most certainly not limited to: Pool Pumps, Pool Filters, Leaks, Lights, Chlorine generators, Automatic controls, Decking, Pool Heaters, Motors, Plumbing components, Fiberglass repairs, Full Replastering, Liner replacement, Fittings, and Structural leaks


With our leading pool equipment repair specialist we provide a tailored and unique repair service to cater to every pool owner’s equipment needs. Our team of professional repair experts has years of combined experience as well as the most cutting-edge tools to fix any equipment-related issue.

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