Pool Resurfacing

Pools need some attention, especially as they start to age and have signs of normal wear and tear. So if your pool’s finish is starting to fail and is chipped or damaged, or you’re ready for something new — it could be time for it to be resurfaced.

Pool Surface needing Resurfacing?

The first step to taking care of your pool is knowing its history. Have you noticed chipped paint on the surface or worn spots that seem deeper than others? These could be signs it needs resurfacing!
There are two types: epoxy and vinyl, but they both come in different textures like sanded smooth for a durable finish vs unfinished wood looking boards which give more natural appeal (but won’t last as long).


Think of a swimming pool as an extension to your home and you should take care not only for its appearance but also how it affects the value. To make sure everything runs smoothly, consider resurfacing when investing in new outdoor space!

Many options for resurfacing

Resurfacing your pool will give it a new lease of life, with the surface being replaced and giving you that shiny finish again. You can find an affordable option to match any style or home’s architecture

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