Pool Leaks

If you notice your pool’s water level dropping suspiciously, let us help you fix it.

Got a Leak?

With our leak detection expertise, you can rest assured that your pool will not be damaged by an unnecessary and costly fix. We use advanced methods to pinpoint the location of leaks in a manner that does not cause any damage or discomfort for homeowners–our goal is always preservation!


As Leak detection specialists, we will investigate any leak in your pool, find the source, solve the issue and let you get back to relaxing and enjoying your pool.

Effective at finding leaks

Your swimming pool is an investment that you should take care of, which means we know how important it can be to find any leaks or problems as soon as possible. We use state-of -the art equipment like ultrasonic locators for pinpointing broken pipes so our clients don’t have go through their whole deck remodeling process just because there was some minor leaking near one fitting somewhere else outside where nobody would see anything wrong with what seemed normal before hand

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